Virtual tastings

"With wine recommendation to suit every taste and budget, I can’t speak highly enough of Jenni and her wine tasting sessions!"

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Frequently Asked Questions


How many bottles should I buy?

Prior to the session I would suggest getting just 1 bottle of wine (from the wine options) that most appeals to you or essentially any option you can get hold of!

What's the format of the sessions?

The session is an hour and we start with brief intros from all the guests in the session and everyone showing the bottle of wine they have. I then walk through some slides and lots of useful background information and maps and then we get onto tasting!  

Do you go through all the wine options?

Yes! I’ll go through a tasting for all options but I don’t necessarily have all these to hand, however I find usually someone else does in the session so they can share what they can experience- great to test your palette! 

How long can I keep the wine after?

You should be able to keep the wine you buy open for around 3 days afterwards but more if you have a stopper that sucks out the air. 

Can I ask questions?

The session is very relaxed but very informative and no question is too silly!