Azevedo Vinho Verde

One of the great things about summer is embracing ☀️ wines such as Vinho Verde!

Vinho Verde (meaning green wine) comes from the lush rolling hills in Northern Portugal, and is a blend of regional grapes found in the area.

Sometimes with a little bit of spritz, lots of citrus, apple and grapefruit it’s the perfect wine for a hot day in the sun or beside a pool.

It will pair beautifully with fresh seafood or a salad, or quite frankly, just drink it on its own!

Its crazy affordable and its on offer at the moment in for £6.99 from Waitrose . Literally you can’t go wrong.

🍇 Grapes: Loureiro

🌍 Region: Northern Portugal

😋Key notes: Yellow Apple, Citrus, Pink Grapefruit

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