English Bubbles in a can

English wine is really taking off at the moment, and it's fantastic to start seeing new brands pop up in the supermarket. It's also no surprise that there's a lot of exciting innovative when it comes to branding, wine making techniques and method of "bottling"- due to the fact that we aren't bound by years and years of historic rules and methods.

Therefore when I saw a new English wine brand, in a can, I just had to try it. I tried the little can of bubbles made from Bacchus grapes, which is a grape variety that grows pretty well in a cool climate such as the UK.

Bacchus is kind of like the UK's version of Sauvignon Blanc. It has notes of crisp apple, honeysuckle and lots of acidity- therefore it makes a great grape for bubbles.

Additionally as the wine is meant to be drank young, a can works absolutely fine and it's a more sustainable, and lower carbon footprint product.

The wine itself is wonderfully crisp and a great summer wine to enjoy in the park or pre BBQ. I'll definitely be getting some more tins in and wouldn't be surprised if we see a lot more producers start dabbling in this field- or vineyard!

To find out more visit their website:


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