Patricius Furmint (Tokaj)

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

As part of my love affair with wine and wanting to try as much as possible I am always keen to try new varieties and ones that I might have forgotten about.

Meet Fermint everyone. Sophisticated, very quaffable and great value for money.

This little gem comes from Tokaj, Hungary where historically they've been known for making sweet wine. Sadly sweet wine isn't that sexy any more and a lot of producers have really struggled with sales, therefore some of them are turning to making dry alternatives.

Due to the care and efforts of the winemakers their efforts are wonderful and it results in a great quality, stone fruitily complex wine. This would be fantastic with a risotto or a creamy chicken dish. It's been on offer for the last few weeks at £8.99 in Waitrose so really is an absolute steal!

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