Have you heard of the grape variety Frappato? 🍇

This Italian 🇮🇹 gem of a grape variety is mostly found on the Mediterranean island of Sicily, which is just off the “toe” Italy’s “boot”.

The Frappato grape variety makes beautiful light red wines 🍷 with lots of fruity red berry flavours 🍒- which are perfect for a hot summers ☀️ day if your in the mood for something red.

This COS wine is just wonderful and it’s singing with zingy biodynamic vibrancy, loads of juicy berry notes, bright freshness and subtle tannins.

🍇 Grapes: Frappato

🌍 Region: Sicily, Italy 🇮🇹

😋 Notes: Strawberry 🍓, wild herbs 🌿, cherry 🍒

I’m going to pair this today lightly chilled with starters of hams and cheeses and then a delicious bbq in the ☀️.

Let me know what your favourite summer red is!?

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